Is Shakeology Safe for Kids?

by admin on June 10, 2012

If you’ve tried Shakeology then you are probably aware of the amazing ingredients and their nutritional benefits, not to mention Shakeology’s amazing taste.  Perhaps you’ve wondered:  “Would it be okay to give Shakeology to my kids/grandkids?”  Beachbody, the company behind Shakeology, interviewed 100 doctors for their opinions on the product.  The doctor’s reviews of Shakeology have been nothing short of stellar.  If you’d like to check out their responses, click below:


Is Shakeology Safe for Kids to Consume?  A Doctor’s Opinion


“Shakeology has the equivalent of fifty nutritious meals in one.  It has Vitamin Cs, it has Vitamin A in it.  It has everything that you’d find in a multi-vitamin.  Different age groups need different types of vitamins and minerals.  I think Shakelology does cross the generations and I would feel just as comfortable giving it to a five-year old as an eighty-five year old.  I’ve been looking at other supplements to see how they compare up to it and I haven’t found anything that’s as complete as the Shakeology is and I recommend it without reservation.”  ~Dr. Mark Clemmons, MD

Is Shakeology Safe for Kids to Drink?  Beachbody’s Official Position




My kids love Shakeology!  (Chocolate is their favorite and mine too!)  I cannot remember the last time I’ve had an entire serving to myself since I always end up sharing with them.  When I consider how much my son hates eating vegetables and how much of a fight he puts up over eating them, I feel very good about giving him Shakeology.  If your kids don’t eat enough fruit or especially vegetables or eat too much in the way of processed foods, then Shakeology would be a great product to help boost their nutritional intake.  (Of course if you have any questions/concerns about your child’s particular health issues or nutritional needs you should consult your pediatrician. )   Shakeology just might be the healthiest thing they consume all day!


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