Beachbody’s PiYo Workout Program Created by Chalene Johnson

by admin on June 29, 2014

PiYo Available Now

Beachbody’s newest workout program, PiYo, created by Chalene Johnson, is now available through a Team Beachbody Coach like me!  The program was released about 10 days ago at Beachbody’s annual Coach Summit in Las Vegas, NV.  Prior to the release of PiYo, Chalene sat down with Jeff Hill, Beachbody’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales, to talk about her new program on the National Wake Up Call for Team Beachbody Coaches.  I thought what better way to tell you about PiYo than to let Chalene Johnson explain what the PiYo program is, who it will benefit and how, by including a portion of her interview in this blog post.  Before we get started with the interview, here is the promotional video for PiYo:

Chalene Johnson Talks About Beachbody’s Newest Program:  PiYo!

Jeff:  Well listen, let’s jump over and start to talk about PiYo.  So what inspired you to create PiYo?

Chalene:  What inspired me to create PiYo was my own inflexibility and just doing so much research on the greater strength potential and the freedom of movement and feeling better and reducing injuries and just the physical results.  I knew I needed to address my own flexibility and so I started taking Pilates and yoga classes to do that and I felt like a fish out of water.  I felt like I was having a panic attack.  I just felt like I was in the wrong place.  I felt like everybody here is super calm and very flexible and how did that girl just get her nose down by her knee.  I felt out of place but I knew I needed it and I didn’t like feeling out of place like that.  I didn’t like holding still and I didn’t like the fact that the only way I was going to get super sweaty is if I was in a room where they had turned up the heat to 90 degrees and that just didn’t make sense to me.  I want to move and I want to sweat not because the heat’s turned up but because my body temperature is turned up.  I actually got kicked out of a yoga class.  True story.

Jeff:  Wow.  What did you say?

Chalene:  Because the instructor was like you need to just stop moving and stop talking and just hold still.  Surrender was the word she used,  just surrender.  And I think there’s a place for a lot of people who love that  and it’s a beautiful practice and just like all things there’s something for everyone.  You’ve got to find your fit.  That wasn’t my fit.  And so I wanted to create a workout that  would address what I saw as a big chunk of the population who didn’t feel comfortable in a yoga class.  They didn’t feel graceful enough to be in a Pilates class but yet they understand that I’ve got to get flexible.  I need this but I want to move and I don’t want to have to schedule cardio then later in the day and strength later in the day. I want it all in one workout and I was with a friend in Vegas many years ago before I created PiYo and we were talking about this and I had seen Cirque du Soleil the night before with my husband and we were working out at a 24 Hour Fitness with my girlfriend who lived in Las Vegas and she said ‘see that girl over there?  She’s in the production you just saw.’  And I was watching her train at the gym and she had the most amazing body and she was doing all these different very dynamic flowing body weight exercise and her body was just incredibly toned and chiseled but yet still feminine and all the men in the show just looked so masculine and strong and like gymnasts but they weren’t doing gymnastics and I thought I’ve got to tap into this body weight training and flexibility and combine it all together.  So I created it very much to solve my own problem because I knew there was a massive amount of people out there who felt the same way–I need flexibility training, I don’t have time to train later again in the day and I need results. 

Jeff:  You’re describing this and you’re describing me in a lot of respects because I love to work out, I love the cardio aspect of it and if I have to default to something I’ll default to that.  When I’m doing some of the other programs and it’s yoga day or Pilates day, I almost want to avoid it like the plague because I’m going to go okay, I’m going to slow down, I’m not going to feel like a workout.  I always feel phenomenal after from a flexibility standpoint but then I always feel like okay, I’ve got to still get something going.  So tell us just a little bit more about that.  So you’ve really struck this beautiful balance if you will of the Pilates, yoga yet in a stepped up–that may not be your words–but in a way that still pushes you, so describe a little bit about the program.

Chalene:  I would have to say my only regret is that I named the program PiYo and I say that because I think people will think Pilates and yoga and it’s just a fraction.  There’s some influence of those two formats, but it’s so much more.  It’s athletic stretch, it’s stuff I learned from watching the conditioning coaches from the NFL, from professional sporting teams, from the things that I’ve learned about body weight training and the best ways to train your core and it’s all rolled into one incredibly dynamic program that we’ve called PiYo but I think it’s so limiting for anyone to assume that it’s Pilates and yoga combined because it’s not.  It’s got some of those influences, but PiYo is its own unique format that you’ve never done something like this before.  It is transformational whereas a lot of Pilates and yoga programs like you said, it feels fantastic but you don’t see the kind of results.  That’s why we don’t see yoga infomercials on TV because they don’t transform bodies the way people need so this is so much more that Pilates and yoga.  It’s really its own unique program.  And what I’ve created for the gyms, I guess it’s probably 12 years ago now, is just a fraction of what our Beachbody customers are going to get in PiYo the home DVD program.  It’s so robust, it’s so much bigger, so much fuller, so much more of an experience than even what I designed for the health clubs.  I can’t wait for people to get it.  I’m freaking out.

Jeff:  So let me ask you a very artful question, okay, a very delicate and artful question.  Would I finish this program and say I just got my butt kicked?

Chalene:  Yes, you would.  Yeah.

Jeff:  Awesome.

Chalene:  You absolutely would.  And there’s no piece of it where you’re high impact.  It’s so incredibly transforming without having to kill your joints.  You know that was the conversation Carl and I had when because we’ve been talking about PiYo for years and what happened is–a little back story is I created ChaLEAN Extreme and then TurboFire and I practice what I preach so when I put something on my plate I try to take something else off, so I had to go okay, what am I going to take off my schedule and I’m still lifting so there’s my ChaLEAN Extreme workouts.  I’m still going to do those.  And I still need my cardio so I’m going to  do my TurboFire, Turbo Jam workouts.  Well, I’ll just stretch on the side.  I’ll get rid of my PiYo workouts at the gym.  So I stopped teaching PiYo for about four and a half years–true story.  We were still creating it for our customers but I wasn’t teaching it and I wasn’t practicing it and for those customers who have been with us for a long time or have followed me on my blogs and Facebook posts, I spent about 18 months just debilitated with reoccurring injuries, a hamstring pull followed by plantar fasciitis, followed by a hip pull, followed by a lower back strain, followed by a rib strain.  I was like what’s wrong with me and I was working with a kinesiologist and I said to him, I said I guess this is just part of getting old, huh?  And he looked at me kind of funny and surprised and he goes no, this is because you’ve lost your flexibility.  You just have to get flexible again.  And I was like holy cow.  You’re right!  I’m not old; I’m just not flexible so I went back and I picked up all my PiYo classes again and I dug in deep and you can ask anyone who knows me personally, I haven’t had injuries in three years since I started going deep back into PiYo and my body started to change.  You can see it if you watch the TurboFire DVDs, the second series that we did all low impact, the ones where there’s a brick in the background.  That whole series is when I had just started to cut back on certain areas and really just focus on PiYo and TurboFire and my body really just started to go this is what we’ve been needing.  You need to get strong from the inside out.  Stop beating up your body.  You’re going to see and feel the difference.  Your body is craving to be restored.  Your body is craving flexibility.  If you wake up in the morning and you feel like you need a walker to get to the restroom and you feel old and beat up, that’s what’s going on and that goes away.  That’s not old.  

Jeff:  I can put the walker away now?

Chalene:  You can put the walker away.

Jeff:  I love it.  So when we were talking about TurboFire you were talking a little bit about hitting the beat type of a thing.  It feels a little more choreographed.  So is there choreography in PiYo so to speak?

Chalene:  Well, yes, I guess you could say there’s choreography but not dance choreography–choreography in that there’s a sequence, a sequence of exercises that you would follow but there’s never like a grapevine kick and heel and heel and heel tap.  There’s none of that.  It’s like okay, let’s fold in half, go into downward dog, step through with your right foot, left arm goes up to the sky.  It’s a sequence.  You don’t have to be super coordinated–trust me.  Anyone can do it.

Jeff:  How many workouts are there in all?  Tell us a little bit about the program.

Chalene:  I don’t know how many workouts there are.  I suppose I should know that, but I can tell you that the workouts range from 25 to 45 minutes.  I know a lot of people have tried PiYo in the gym and I want you to know that’s like a sampler plate.  You’ve really just gotten a little tiny piece of every portion of a [PiYo] experience.  The program we’ve created for our at home customer allows you not just to customize your workout, but to customize your emphasis and your focus for that day so when you take a PiYo workout in the gym you’re going to get five minutes where we focus on the whole body, five minutes when we just focus on the gluts, five minutes when we just focus on the core, five minutes where we just focus on dynamic stretch and when we designed this workout I wanted people to go my trouble area is my booty and I want to get strong and flexible and I want a booty lift.  So we would create literally a 35 minute workout that gets you flexible everywhere, gives you your cardio workout but  you become more flexible and it just targets the gluts and then we created a second workout that’s just upper body but you’re still getting flexibility training for your lower body and then one for core and one that’s really intended to almost five you the benefits of hit training where we’re working in intervals but it’s all completely low impact and it’s created so that you build that dynamic, powerful strength that comes from body weight training.  So each and every workout, you can combine them if you want a long workout or you can really customize it and say okay, I just want to do 25 minutes today and I want to get my cardio in and I want to get my strength in and I want to be more flexible and I just want to focus on my abs or I just want to focus on my gluts or my arms and I think people are going to love that.

Jeff:  Sounds great.  So this next question is a little bit like asking which is your favorite child–is there such a thing as one of your favorite workouts in this series that you’ve put together or do they just all come together?

Chalene:  Oh man.  I don’t know.  I mean because there’s some that I love because they’re so hard that I love it because it was intense and then some I love just because of the way it makes my body feel.  I love them all.  I think I have a gag order on me not to talk about some of the things that are in the program but there’s some really cool things that Beachbody has never done before.  I think that’s all that I can say.  I feel like Heather Church might be listening to this call.  I always get in trouble for sharing too much, but if you guys aren’t coming to Summit, find a way to be there.  If you know someone who’s going text them right now and say please bring me home PiYo.  And I hope I’m not biased, but I really think this is the program that Beachbody has been needing.  They’ve needed a program that just restores the body.  Listen, I’ve got plenty of programs where you’re jumping up and down.  I’m so happy to bring a program to people that is actually going to make a change in the way they look and feel and actually restore their joints, their knees, their back and give them results.

Jeff:  That’s awesome.  We’re running out of time here so maybe just tow questions–the first is, again, who is PiYo for and then you kind of closed it out right there with what you just said but any other just last thoughts on it?  So who’s it for and last thoughts that if I haven’t asked you a question on something you wanted to share, what would you share?

Chalene:  I would say that PiYo is really ideal for someone who either has any type of  joint or knee or back problems and so they have a difficult time even watching a modifier in their other programs.  It still feels intimidating because everybody else in the video is jumping around even when there is a modifier.  I think this program in particular is well suited for those cardio junkies who have beat themselves up and they’ve hit a plateau or they’re dealing with injuries and they keep thinking it’s because of this or that and it’s truthfully because they haven’t spent enough time on their flexibility.  I think PiYo is ideal for somebody who is just getting into fitness and it’s scary to go 100 miles per hour and kick and punch and jump.  Shaun T’s programs might be too intense, too intimidating and this is a great on ramp for anyone.  When you introduce someone to a program, if they don’t see results it’s tough to talk them into understanding how beneficial Shakeology is or anything else for that matter.  So people need to see results and with this program even though it’s a great on ramp program, it can be customized to be as intense as it need be for the customer.

Jeff:  Well I’m excited about it personally because I mean just as you started out describing this, you kind of go I need that thing that keeps me going but creates flexibility and as I get older, which we all are, right–but the flexibility–

Chalene:  Speak for yourself, Jeff.

Jeff:  Well, believe me.  And I keep going this is the kind of thing that I need and so I’m excited about it.  The other thing I love is that you always bring tremendous personality but a high sense of energy and passion and you can’t help but have just the endorphins kind of working through that tthat sets up the day perfectly as well.

Chalene:  I appreciate that .  Thank you.

Jeff:  I think this is going to be an absolutely incredible program…  Anyway, Chalene, thank you so uch for being on the call today.  It’s great to have you be a part of Beachbody and the impact  you’re having on so many lives and everything you do you do so well, so thank you.

Chalene:  I appreciate it.  Thank you for the opportunity.  Have a great week everyone.

I hope the interview with Chalene Johnson will give you a sense of what PiYo is all about.  So many attributes about the program sound like it will be the perfect program for many people.  A great program for beginners and a great program for people who desperately need to work on their flexibility and to heal their bodies from the accumulative stress caused by high-intensity workouts.  

To find out more details about what is contained in the PiYo program, including ordering options, please click on the links below:

Option 1:  The PiYo Challenge Pack (*Best Deal*)

Option 2:  The PiYo DVD Package

Option 3:  The PiYo DVD Deluxe Package


Click on the image below to get even more information on the PiYo workout!!!

PiYo Now Available1

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