Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix Workout Program

by admin on May 5, 2014

Autumn CalebreseOn February 3rd Beachbody released its newest, and might I add, hottest-selling workout program to date, the 21 Day Fix, taught by Beachbody’s newest instructor, Autumn Calabrese.  I ordered my 21 Day Fix program on February 5th, just two days after its release date, and by then it was SOLD OUT and placed on back order!  I did not receive my order until April 18.  Well, I am happy to report that as of April 21, the 21 Day Fix is no longer on back order.  I have learned my lesson:  The next Beachbody workout that is released, I will order it on the day it becomes available!  Clearly, the folks at Beachbody did not anticipate the overwhelming demand for this amazing program.  I have no idea how many copies of this program have been sold to date, but there is no doubt that actual sales have blown away any of the originally anticipated sales numbers!   In my nearly four years of being a Beachbody Coach, I can’t recall a program being back ordered for this long.  Clearly, this new program has struck a chord with people.

The Simplicity of the 21 Day Fix


If I had to guess what it is about this program that is resonating with people, I would guess it would be the simplicity of it.  There is none of the following:

  • Counting Calories
  • Counting Points
  • Weighing Portions
  • Eating Expensive Packaged Foods

To be honest, I don’t know about all the other ways people attempt to control what they eat when they are dieting.  All I do know is that this program couldn’t be more simple.  There is no more guesswork.   The 21 Day Fix comes with portion control containers (bpa-free, by the way) that one uses to measure out food.  You eat real food.  Not like some weight loss programs where you eat their expensive food and then later have to learn how to eat in the “real world”.

21 Day Fix Containers2

So, that’s how easy it is!  There are different colored containers for different food categories:  carbs, proteins, and fats.  You just fill the designated container with the appropriate type of food.  No guesswork, at all.

Why did Autumn Calabrese Develop The Portion-Control Container System?

As I mentioned above, Autumn Calabrese is the trainer for the 21 Day Fix.  She came up with the idea of a portion-control container system after watching a client eat and entire 1,300-calorie salad in one sitting because it was “healthy”.  Autumn realized that super-sized portions were hurting her clients’ weight-loss success because they were eating too much without knowing it.  So she developed portion-control containers to help people see how simple it is to eat the right amounts and lose weight easily.  As a single mother, Autumn understands how hard it can be to fit exercise and healthy-eating into a jam-packed schedule.  So she created short but effective workouts that take only 30 minutes a day, along with a simple eating plan that doesn’t require you to spend hours in the kitchen.

21 Day Fix Test Group Results

Prior to releasing the 21 Day Fix, Beachbody ran multiple test groups.  The range of weight loss for the test groups in 21 days has been 6.5 pounds to 21 pounds.  Several of the test group participants who had more weight to lose have gone on to do multiple cycles of the 21 Day Fix program, with some losing over 100 pounds!  Even the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, was a test group participant.  He lost 11 pounds with just one round of the 21 Day Fix…take a look at his transformation below:

Carl Daikeler 21 Day Fix Results2

Here are some more test group transformation photos:

21 Day Fix Transformations1

What I Love About the 21 Day Fix Program

First of all I just have to let it be known that the workout routines in this program are WAY more difficult than I imagined that they would be.  I am not saying this to discourage any one.  This is a fantastic program and it will challenge you.  If you are intimidated to begin a workout program, I think this is a perfect place to begin.  All of the moves are modified, so if you are a beginner or need to modify for any reason this program has got you covered!   I love all of the routines in this program.  Another thing I love about the 21 Day Fix routines is that these people all look like real people and not a bunch of sports fitness models!  Here are the titles of six routines that come in the 21 Day Fix program:

  1. Total Body Cardio Fix
  2. Upper Fix
  3. Lower Fix
  4. Pilates Fix
  5. Cardio Fix
  6. Yoga Fix
  7. *Plyo Fix*  (This is a bonus workout you will receive when you place your order through me, a Team Beachbody Coach)

How To Maximize Your 21 Day Fix Results

My two suggestions for getting the most out of this program are the following:

  1. Drink Shakeology
  2. Join my Challenge Group

That’s it, it’s pretty simple.  If you purchase a Challenge Pack from me, I will become your Coach and I will enroll you in my Challenge Group.  A Challenge Group is an accountability and support group where I will help you (and others) stay on track with your health and fitness goals.  All Challenge Packs come with your flavor choice of Shakeology.   With the Challenge Pack discount and reduced shipping charges, the typical savings is about $100 vs. buying the workout and Shakeology separately! If you click on the image below, you’ll be able to see all of the Challenge Pack offerings where you can select the 21 Day Fix or see all the other Challenge Packs that are available:

21 Day Fix Guarantee1

If you’d like to visit my website and see everything Beachbody, please click the image below!

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